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7 Pointe Plan

7 Pointe Plan
7 Pointe Planning uses seven important steps in the development of each event to ensure success. Regardless of the event, the 7 Pointe Plan is implemented in order to minimize error and maximize success while maintaining the budget. We will set up the event, maintain it for the duration, and then closeout the event with minimum fanfare.
7 Pointe Planning specializes in Logistics Management and Image Consulting through events. We are aware of the sheer amount of work it takes to make an event successful, and 7 Pointe Planning is there from the inception of the event concept to the cleanup of the last speck of dust. The continuity of our event planners from start to finish reduces the errors associated with differing visions and styles of different event planners. This continuity also eases the process with vendors, which in turn allows your event to progress smoothly.

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