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“Konversations” w/ Kendell Lenice (Twitter: @KLenice)

"Konversations" w/ Kendell Lenice (Twitter: @KLenice) If you missed my "Konversation" with Kendell Lenice live on Radio On Fire, check it out here! I want to thank Kendell for showing me love and a great time!  I am truly looking forward to the next time.  If you would like to learn more abou...

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How Do I Hire an Event Planner?

HOW DO I HIRE AN EVENT PLANNER? It is a question worth asking. In fact, one might even consider asking first why hire an event planner…so let us answer that question first. Hire an event planner if you desire to host a gathering and --you want a trustworthy, creative, detail-oriented, resourceful,...

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The Art of Hotel Room Pricing

Ever wondered how hotel room prices are set?  It is in fact possible to phone a hotel directly, online, or via a travel agent—and come away with three different quotes.  There are several factors that affect hotel room pricing: Availability and demand for rooms Location of hotel (city vs. su...

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Social Media: Secret Sauce for a Special Event

When planning any special event, be it a celebration, sports, political or arts affair, a thoughtful planner might wish to consider the role social media can play.  Start by asking yourself (or your client) these questions:   Does it serve both the guest and host to have a social media pres...

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