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Logistics Management Services

7 Pointe Logistic Management

Logistics Management Services

7 Pointe Planning will work out every detail of your event, from transportation to catering, to ensure a successfully executed event.

Logistics are an integral part of the success of an event. 7 Pointe Planning will coordinate events and incorporate any necessary awards programs, meals, or other occurrences into the event. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Facility Coordination: We will liaise with the facility staff of the chosen venue to coordinate entrances and exits, including fire and emergency routes.
  • Onsite Event Management: We will stay on site throughout the event and manage both event staff and facility staff in order to make sure that the event runs smoothly.
  • Housing Management: We will arrange and coordinate housing for those event attendees that require it.
  • Exhibitor Floor Management: We will manage and coordinate exhibitor space, which includes coordination of space assignments, tools for setup, and assistance with breakdown when the event has ended.
  • Transportation Coordination: We will arrange for appropriate transportation based on the size of attendees, and distance to the venues. We will make sure that you and your attendees arrive in comfort and style and in a timely fashion.
  • Staff Management: We hire and coordinate staff to assist at your event, such as wait staff, registration staff, and coat checkers.
  • Contractor/Vendor Coordination: We make sure that the vendors for the event work together in order to make your event a success.
  • Live Entertainment/Speaker Coordination: We find appropriate live bands, dancers, speakers, or any other type of live entertainment for your event.
  • Site Coordination: We work with your selected venue to make sure that it is prepared for your upcoming occasion and it is aware of all vendor unloading and loading needs.
  • Catering/Decorating Coordination: We decorate the chosen venues and arrange catering in accordance with the chosen theme for the event.
  • Signage Coordination: We place the selected signage at appropriate locations for maximum visibility, in order to provide direction to the meeting/event location(s), program of events, etc.
  • Speaker/Workshop Coordination: We support your secured workshop speakers and make sure that he or she have what they need to present, arrives on time and in style. We will handle the logistical details of your workshops so that it will flow smoothly and you and your fellow attendees will receive the maximum benefit.

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