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Project Management Services

It is not just about what you know but who you know. We help our clients evaluate their program and determine the most time-efficient planning tools, find the most unique venues, and negotiate the most cost-effective vendors.

01. Program Assessment

We evaluate your program plan for maximum visibility, attendance, and impact.

02. Site/Venue Selection

It is a team effort to select the appropriate site or venue that will accommodate expected attendees and projected program scope.

03. Vendor Selection

We work with you to select the appropriate vendors who will meet your needs in a timely and professional manner within your budget.

04. Contract Negotiation

As the vendor liaison, we will ensure that you get the best possible value for their services.

05. Budget Management

We will liaise with vendors and your budgetary representative to ensure that your event expenditures remain within the allotted budget.

Event Development Services

Our clients' vision is everything. We transform that vision into colorful creatives and functional room designs. It is our job to make sure the client's theme is developed, brand is incorporated, and guests are awestruck.

01. Special Event Management/Production

We will identify and coordinate the specific needs of your special event, including staff and facility management. We will also develop event scripts and coordinate personnel participation and rehearsals.

02. Theme Concept Development

We will sit down with you and plan a theme that is appropriate for your event while reflecting your event’s tone and audience.

03. Creative Atmosphere Development

We will design an environment that is conducive to the excitement that is to be generated by your event.

04. Signage and Print/Collateral Materials Development

Drawing upon the insights of our creative experts and graphic support, we will ensure that print materials apply branding with a unified concept that is consistent with the prominence of your organization’s image.

Logistics Management Services

The devil is in the detail. We strategize and organize every detail of the event. We recognize that no two events are the same and that is why we coordinate vendors and venues, manage exhibitors and volunteer/staff, and handle entertainment and speakers with distinctive professionalism.

01. Facility Coordination

We will liaise with the facility staff of the chosen venue to coordinate ingress and egress, including fire and emergency routes.

02. Onsite Event Management

We will stay on site throughout the event and manage both event staff and facility staff to make sure that the event runs smoothly.

03. Housing Management

We will arrange and coordinate housing for event attendees.

04. Exhibitor Floor Management

We will manage and coordinate exhibitor space, which includes coordination of space assignments, tools for setup, and assistance with breakdown when the event has ended..

05. Transportation Coordination

We will arrange for appropriate transportation based on the number of attendees and distance to the venues. We will make sure that you and your attendees arrive in comfort and style and in a timely manner.

06. Staff Management

We hire and coordinate staff to assist at your event, such as wait staff, registration staff, and coat checkers.

07. Contractor/Vendor Coordination

We make sure that the vendors for the event work together to make your event a success.

08. Live Entertainment/Speaker Coordination

We find appropriate live bands, dancers, speakers, or any other type of live entertainment for your event.

09. Site Coordination

We work with your selected venue to make sure that it is prepared for your upcoming occasion, including your load-in and load-out needs.

10. Catering/Decorating Coordination

We decorate the event venues and arrange catering in accordance with the theme selected for the event.

11. Signage Coordination

We place the selected signage at appropriate locations for maximum visibility and provide turn-by-turn direction to the meeting or event location(s).

12. Speaker/Workshop Coordination

We ensure that workshop speakers have what they need to present and arrive on time and in style. We will handle the logistical details of your workshops so that they flow smoothly and you and your event attendees receive the maximum benefit.

Production Services

Producing a show is an art. Whether it is an awards program with national talent or variety show of event guests, our goal is to provide our client with a high-quality stage performance. We will set all the lights, roll all the cameras, and coordinate all the stage action.

01. Show Management

We will manage the entire show for you. We will do everything from writing the show script to managing the lineup during the production.

02. Stage Coordination

We will coordinate the platform from which a speaker, presentation, or entertainment will occur.

03. Awards and Presentation Coordination

We will maintain the collection, distribution, and inventory of awards and other presentations that are central to the event.

04. Live Entertainment/Speaker Coordination

We identify and contract appropriate live bands, dancers, speakers, or any other type of live entertainment for your event.

Registration Services

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Registration is the first touch point of each event during pre-event and onsite for each guest. We make sure that the first impression our client makes is positive.

01. Vendor Selection

We will work with you to select the appropriate registration platform that will deliver your needs in a timely manner.

02. Registration Management

We can provide online registration for your attendees.

03. Registration Type Management

We will coordinate your different registration categories to ensure that each category is distinguishable.

04. Exhibitor Management

We will work with each exhibitor to ensure the needs of the exhibitor are met to ensure maximum visibility, ease of set-up, and effortless return shipping.

05. Badge/Ribbon Management

We will coordinate and maintain appropriate identification and awards for event attendees.

06. Registration Materials Management

We will coordinate and provide programs, bulletins, and other registration materials to attendees and guests.

07. Registration Reporting

We will provide a comprehensive list of event attendees, both pre-registered and onsite.

08. Ticketing

7 Pointe Planning will coordinate the disbursement and retrieval of tickets for those events that require them.

Event Marketing Services

01. Creative Marketing and Promotion Strategy Development and Execution

We will generate excitement for your event with creative print and web marketing strategies.

02. Sponsorship and Strategic Partnership Prospectus Design

We will collaborate with you to determine the best message to present to potential sponsors.

03. Website Promotion Content Support

We will manage website content, including banners and other paid promotional ads.

Post-Event Services

01. Cleanup

We will coordinate disposal of trash, removal of supplies, decorations, signage and other promotional materials

02. Acknowledgments and Thank-you Letters Distribution

We assist clients with creating and delivering acknowledgements and thank-you letters or notes.

03. Event Report/Service Report

We write a comprehensive post-event report that details event statistics (e.g. attendance), event highlights, and areas that require improvement.

04. Other Services

We will coordinate the return of any equipment to appropriate vendors and proper shutdown of the event site.